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Arena Financial Management

Built on the most reliable and stable hardware platform in the world, the IBM iSeries. This system just works. Virus-proof, with data integrity and reliability not equaled by any other platform in the world.

Payroll is the major cost of operation of any arena. Keeping track of hundreds of employees for an event and paying them based on the job they are performing, calculating overtime based on the job rate and having all of that flow into an event-based profit and loss statement are not trivial pursuits.

Our system is designed specifically to do just that. If an employee works setup for an event at $12 per hour and then is an usher during the event for $10 per hour and lastly works cleanup for $9 per hour, we track the job descriptions and determine the pay rate based on job description with an employee excellence uptick.

We interface to one of the industry’s premier event logistics systems, ABI MasterMind. We’ve worked with them to provide a seamless import of information from their system into ours. We provide event profit and loss, accounts payable including event contract labor, company financial statements and accounts receivable management.

Our financial reporting system is flexible and provides for multi-company, virtually unlimited P&L and balance sheet formats, departmental financial statements and unlimited historical reporting. This year/last year, 5 year P&L’s with averages, budgeting and over/under reports are all produced easily and accurately.

Payroll with internet based 940 and W2 reporting ease the workload for quarterly and annual governmental requirements.