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Logistics management for Oilfield and Brokerage

Where are my trucks? GPS locators can tell you that easily. What are my trucks doing? That’s where we come in. We track loads, performance, TOS time and billing/payable status for each load.

Calls are the lifeblood of any trucking company. We make it easy to see the status of calls and handle those that need attention. The first thing you see when you open our system is a call board showing every single call and where it is in the system. Waiting for dispatch, dispatched but not picked up, picked up not delivered, delivered not billed, billed not paid and highlights on calls that are overdue for each step of the process.

The other section on the first screen is a list of trucks that have dropped off loads and are standing by waiting for a backhaul. Empty miles are a drain on resources and income, so we give you more information in an easy to read format to help you minimize those deadhead miles.

When a call turns into a load, your truck board shows you each truck and the dispatches they have been assigned. Board management is easy and logical. When a call comes in, you check the board for the type of truck needed to handle the load. The trucks are listed in first-out order. Call the first truck and if he can’t take it for legitimate reasons, flag the dispatch as such and move on to the next in line. If the load is turned down for arbitrary reasons, you can easily have the truck drop to the bottom of the rotation, or to any position on the board.

Drivers who call in TOS can be dropped to the bottom of the rotation and/or held at the bottom until they return to active status.

All trip sheets, confirmation sheets, scanned signed documents and invoices can be stored and attached to the load for a complete package to mail to the customer with the invoice.