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RentalWorks rental equipment tracking

Having trouble keeping track of the status of your rental equipment? We can help. Where is it? Does it need maintenance or re-certification? When will it be available again to rent? Did you bill for all days rented? You can know.

Get at-a-glance status on all your rental units. We show you how many are working, the status of those that aren’t and the status of those that are working and in need of attention. Units that require periodic maintenance are easily tracked and flagged for on-time care that keeps them running and creating income.

Items that require re-certification for regulatory purposes are given priority reporting.

Give your sales people up to date information when they are trying to sell. When they create quotes for customers, they can know whether the equipment is available or when it should be available. If more than one salesman is quoting the same piece of equipment, they can easily see that.

Quotes can automatically be turned into dispatches by the salesmen so that logistics can get the equipment to the customer.