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Get rid of those spreadsheets and start managing your information.


Software that fits your business
 You don’t have to wait anymore

This software has been developed for shrimp and seafood processors exclusively. Developed by a company with 30 years experience in  designing software applications using programming methodology and tools that are guaranteed to be supported in the future. Relational database technology gives flexibility and  ease of use benefits not previously available.

 Quickly finish book work to allow more productive use of office employee time

Drop-down boxes, auto-complete, easy record navigation, information flow designed around YOUR workflow all add up to increased productivity. Key it ONCE and it flows through the system.

1. Purchase order management allows you to track purchases and yields from each dealer.

2. Packout system tracks all costs going into finished product.

3. Release management allows you to enter orders as they come in for later shipment. When Friday truck comes in, finalize each release for that truck to produce bills of lading and invoices.

4. Reprocessing (i.e. headless to peeled) is easy. Release finished inventory for reprocessing and select product for packout.

5. Inventory transfers reduce at the release freezer and increase at the receiving freezer automatically – you don’t have to remember to do both.

6. Lot tracking is automated for in-house or contract cold storage lots.

Historical information that really means something. Lookups for Packouts, PO’s, Releases, Invoices and other documents allow quick resolution of telephone inquiries. Get reports on production, prices, dealer purchase history, customer usage and much more.

Virtually unlimited historical information allows for quick and easy comparison of costs and revenues over time.


The menus are clear and easy to understand. The screens are well laid out and allow the greatest amount of information to be shown in the least amount of space.

Scroll functions and navigation buttons allow easy manipulation of information.

Professional Looking Reports

The forms you send your customers represent your company

Why send invoices that don’t reflect your professionalism? Send clear and concise printed forms that indicate your dedication to excellence.

To find out just how much time you can save and how much information you are missing, call us for a  personal demonstration of the Seafood Processing Software.

You are not an automobile manufacturer or an ice cream shop. Why use the software that they use?

1. Your  business is unique  and requires software that fits the way you work. Shrimp don't come with item numbers, they come by size, type, color and are packed by brand.

2. Trying to make do with software that doesn’t fit  costs you money in a number of ways: lost productivity, lost information, lost product tracking all cost money.

3.J ust packed 10,000 pounds of 21-25’s? How about 3-5 oz filets? Check your sales history to see which  customer has been using them. Ask for 21-25’s and see them all. Don’t guess or rely on memory, KNOW!